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New Window Installation

Without the proper installation, it won’t make much difference how advanced, innovative and state-of-the-art your new windows are. To get all the benefits and advantages of your new windows, it really does come down to the quality of installation. At E-Star, we fully guarantee our installation work to not only be visually and aesthetically pleasing, but to ensure that you get all the functional benefits of your new windows, such as maintaining proper temperature control, delivering maximum efficiency and enhancing the lighting within your home.

The Installation Process

Once you have selected your windows with the help of our knowledgeable staff, the installation process begins. Our crews have been part of the E-Star team for years and they are the best in the industry, fully licensed and trained to the most current standards. From start to completion, our commitment is to ensure that the entire installation process is an enjoyable one for our clients. We treat your home just as we would our own, and make every effort to keep any disruption to your daily routine at a minimum. Once the work is finished, we will take you through it for your final inspection and approval. We will gladly dispose of your old windows and generally leave your home looking as if we were never even there – except for your beautiful new windows of course.

Replacement Windows

Whether it’s due to aging, damage or you simply want a fresh look, new replacement windows will revitalize your home’s appearance, efficiency, comfort, and ultimately, increase the value of your property.

A brighter outlook.Is the lighting in your home too dark or dim? Poorly structured or designed windows may be the cause. Quality replacement windows will allow the perfect amount of natural light into your home, ensuring that the atmosphere is exactly as desired.

Feeling comfortable. Do you have difficulty maintaining a consistent desired temperature in your home? Older windows with poor insulation are most likely to blame, by letting cool air escape from the house in the summer, and warm air to dissipate through cracks in winter. At E-Star, we can perform efficiency tests on your current windows to determine precisely what needs replacing to create optimal temperature and comfort for your home.

A perfect fit. Whether it’s a single window or a whole set, our installation services include everything needed for proper window replacement. When we come to meet with you, we’ll bring a window cross-section to demonstrate exactly what's going on inside the actual frame. You’ll see the thickness of the glasses, the metal reinforcements, and all the other elements and materials that comprise the window. We will fully explain the features and functions of these components, as well as the installation techniques we use.