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We are proud to be the exclusive regional dealer for Vinyl Window Designs (VWD), an award-winning industry-leading designer and manufacturer of premium quality windows and doors. We have chosen to work with VWD because they are, quite simply, one of the best companies not just in Canada, but throughout the world.

What sets VWD windows apart?

From development and design to construction and finishing, VWD raises the bar at every stage through meticulous attention to detail and uncompromising commitment to flawless quality.

Every component and part employed in the manufacturing process plays a vital role. It begins with high-quality polyvinyl resin, specially formulated for long-term durability. This material forms the vinyl frames, fabricated through a state-of-the-art extrusion process.

The window glass itself is specially-treated, energy-efficient, low-emissivity (low-e) PPG glass that acts as an insulation barrier for your home. In the summer, it reflects solar radiation away, preventing it from entering your home. In the winter, low-e glass maintains your home’s interior warmth by stopping heat from escaping outside.

VWD uses an advanced 8-point welding process to weld the sash – that part of the window that holds the glass pane in place – and the frame of the window together, ensuring maximum accuracy. While other manufacturers simply weld their components together, VWD also incorporates a metal reinforcement to anchor the hardware. For additional strength and air/water resistance, the glass panes are affixed to the vinyl frame with stainless steel spacers. Finally, CNC machining is employed to refine and clean the corners of the windows ensuring a perfect fit.

Unlike other manufacturers, VWD also has its own in-house testing lab. This state-of-the-art facility is used for a variety of research, development and evaluation applications, including testing for air filtration levels, water penetration, structural load resistance, quality control and experimental design analysis.

When you choose E-Star, you can be confident that you’ll have premium and genuine custom-made VWD products for your home.

Our windows are certified by CSA. IGMA, NFRC and AAMA. They are Energy Star qualified and we are a Window Wise approved manufacturer. Below is a video to help you learn more about our windows that are made by VWD.

Every window company will tell you, "We make 'the best' windows". Some will tell you, "We're #1". Others will say, "Canada's most trusted window company". The list is endless, and as an astute consumer, you realize that these claims mean exactly nothing. We respect you too much to grab a megaphone and join the crowd screaming in your ear. Instead, we want you to consider the following facts about our windows that speak for themselves.

Energy Star Award:


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