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The E-star Difference

E-Star Windows Select Inc. was founded on the principles that my dad taught me.

  • Treat everyone with dignity and respect
  • Always work hard
  • Never give up
  • Always do the right thing.
  • Never compromise on quality

These are the guiding principles we at E-Star Windows hold dear to our hearts and we strive for perfection daily.

“In this industry, I’ve seen many companies that have not really kept up with best industry practices. For example, you have to beware of so-called professional installers who may have been in business for 15 or 20 years but have never bothered to update and upgrade their knowledge and training. A lot had changed in this industry over the years and they simply haven't kept up with the new techniques and technology. At E-Star, all of our installation crews have the latest industry certifications and are continually being trained to meet new and higher standards. Providing our customers with the most knowledgable, capable and professional sales and installation services is what sets E-Star apart from the crowd.” - Gord, E-Star

Finding the right window company can SAVE you money!

It starts with the installation. The wrong installers can cost you money - this is a fact. You will never save money if you use the wrong installers. You see, installation is so important that SAWDAC which is the Sliding and Windows Dealer Association of Canada created a new division that only covers window installation. This division is called Window Wise. Only the top companies in Canada are members.

Everybody recognizes Mike Holmes. His name stands for quality and the job being done right the first time. That’s why in Mikes July/August 2010 issue of Holmes Magazine he states, "Installing windows is not a DIY project; it requires skill to do it right. When it comes to choosing a contractor, opt for a installer who has been certified by the Window Wise program, a comprehensive training program offered by the Siding and Window Dealers Association of Canada."

So your next logical step is to find the companies that are certified by the window wise program in your area. This is where it may become difficult. if you go to windowwise.ca you can get a printout of all the companies that are in the program in Southwestern Ontario and you will notice that there is only one with these very specific credentials. That's us! The only Window Wise certified company in Essex County is E-star Windows Select Ltd. Now I'm not saying that nobody else knows how to install windows in our area, what I am saying is that they are not trained or certified the way we are. So you can ask yourself who would you like working in your home? Someone who may say they are good or someone who can prove it.

Next thing to look for is energy efficient windows. When you purchase windows that are energy star rated as ours are, you will save an average of 33% on your heating and cooling bill year round. The average yearly bill for furnace heating from 2004 was $2220.00. Today they are much higher. This will save you an average of $61.05 per month, an average of $732.60 per year and in ten years you will have saved $7326.00. The average cooling bill in the summer can easily reach $250.00 per month for only a three month period. That can save you an average of $82.50 per month, $247.50 per year and $2247.00 for a ten year period. That's an average savings of $9801.00 over the span of ten years. The average cost of installing a house full of new windows in your home is $10728.00 They are not saving you money yet but they are about to!

You see your home appreciates in value every year as a rule and over the course of ten years your home will appreciate a certain amount. When you make upgrades to your home there is a certain amount of costs that are recouped almost immediately.

Remodelling Magazine states that 2009-2010 national averages for resale value of a home that has new energy efficient windows in $8217.00 That means by putting in your new windows for $10728.00 you will almost immediately recoup $8217.00 which is 76.6% of the cost spent.

Lets put all this together. When we spend an average of $10728.00 for a home full of new windows, we can expect to save an average of $8217.00, therefore giving us a net profit of $7263.61. Now what other products can you purchase that will pay for themselves and even make you a profit? Not many.

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